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Jecht Fong & Alice Ho – Wedding Photography

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Celebrating the Love of Jecht Fong and Alice Ho.

Alice contacted me last year and asked me to meet up. We met at a “Mamak” around Bukit Indah and she told me “i’m getting marry next year, could you be my wedding photographer?”. Without a question i said YES!

She is my cousin, and i am just one day old than her birthday. We attended the same school, and our families runs the same business too! After getting all informations of their wedding day, i came to know that they have two dinner ceremony which held for each of their families and friends(rare case). The first day is on a Saturday night and their wedding day is on a TUESDAY ( yes, this is the first time i ever heard a wedding are held on a Tuesday, so i get shocked by it. ) So, time flies, here are their wedding day stories.

Saturday Night’s dinner, For Alice’s families and friends at Restaurant Pik Wah.

Tuesday night’s dinner,  for Jecht’s Families and friends at Restaurant Hee Lai Ton, Seri Kembangan.

Congrats to both of you !!



School Concert – Performance day in Malaysian institute of Art(music)

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This is the day of my school’s orchestra chamber performance day(Malaysian Institute of Art), to be honest i wasn’t planning to do anything in the morning but edit photo in my home. But it end up i was watching movie the whole morning…哈哈哈哈….

The movie i watched was “The theory of everything” casted by Eddie Redmayne. The movie talked about the life of Stephen Hawking, a genius with great gift as a physician and cosmologist, explained the theory of time, superb movie. But during his journey to his succession in science he had been found having a rare disease – amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).


ok skip the stories, its consider a love story more then a movie for science, go watch yourself. But this is the moment that i decided to go and photograph my school’s concert when i am watching a scene of stephen hawking’s wife. She is helping him to put on his sweater, Stephen Hawking saw through the hole of the sweater and figure out the theory of “time”, which proved there is a beginning of “time”.

Beginning….. i am not sure what connected it, i suddenly remembered Mr.Yeo told me that this is the first performance of almost all the members in the orchestra to have a chamber performance in school. Without any second thought, bathed, packed my eq. , rush to school for shooting.

Some big pictures



percussion dustbin!


from now on, i am using a 50mm f/1.8 prime lens for shooting, it turns out the image quality was superb with that lens pricing at rm200(second hand), even performed better then my 24-70mm which cost x20 higher (this 24-70mm lens is 20x more faster in focusing speed)

this is the leader


















but there is a thing i don’t understand…why is she crying?


they helped each other to put on their lucky band before the performance.










I am using my “first choice” lens, 70-200mm f/2.8 VR2!! This lens always deliver me some beautiful pictures.


who is she looking at??
is getting slimmer and slimmer.











some sneak peek of the performance.

people are shouting “zi yi!!zi yi!!”









the final song – Latin hit.






the most “satisfying” smile







she will be missed


For any one who need the photo of you, please kindly send a message to my email – or whatsapp me at 0183940060. As a thank you gift for visiting and reading my blog~ do check out my other photos in my “portfolio” menu above.

Photo by Moses Lim.

School concert – The rehearsal

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Last week, i’ve been asked to take some group photos of my school’s Chamber orchestra by Mr. Yeo, a superb music composer and arranger. So i took all my equipments to my school, but why all?(3 flashes and some big lens and two camera bodies), for some one who had been study in that school for 2 years, and with a few shooting experience even after my graduation, i know that our music hall had some lighting which “kills” all photographs.


Did you saw those “tube” at the top of the hall? Those are florescent light.

This photo was took and export straight out from camera without any editing with a wide 11-16mm lens. Greenish, dark, ugly colour on the skin tone, all bad things, this is one of the reason that florescent light was called bad lighting (to me).

Other then that, let’s have a look on the following photos:





Those are non edited photos, straight out of camera.

yes, different colour on the skin tone , and the floor too. Why it that happening? see here

Without the same colour balance on each photo is quite a headache for photographers because i have to adjust every photo individually until it look exactly like other photo, which consume a-lot of editing time. But with all those experience, i kinda know how to solve them – By setting the shutter speed at 1/100th (take note), it will have fix colour balance, so here is some of the edited edition :


our conductor, arranger, composer Mr. Yeo






Concert master







But in the end, all i use is just my 70-200mm lens and 11-16mm lens, no flash added, so i am relieved.

Soon i will be writing a blog for the photos that i took on the performance day. Please stay tune ~

For any one who need the photo of you, please kindly send a message to my email – or whatsapp me at 0183940060.

Photo by Moses Lim.

Photographing eight legged creature (warning, content may disturb some viewers)

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I love exotic creatures. Spiders (big tarantula of cause), snakes and any insects like beetle, praying mantis.

I’m lucky enough to have a chance photographing my friend’s collection of Tarantula few days ago. Although i sold my macro lens for a phantom 3 drone for aerial video/photo,  i still miss the sweet period of photographing my praying mantis collection with the macro lens.




How can i shoot the tarantula without the macro lens? yes there is, with my Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 lens, it still perform well when handling close up object as long as the size of the tarantula is big enough.

I arrived to Issac house around 11am in the morning, i brought my Nikon D750, a tripod, two flash lights, some flash light trigger and receiver, Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8, Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 lens, and two big card board with black and white colour on two different sides, a soft box which cost rm1xx, thats all.

carefully handling and posing the tarantula

So it begin! I took a few shoots for testing the light and camera settings.



Not the bad photos and lighting but i hope it can have some thing more like a “product” instead of just shooting it normally.

so i decided to put the light source a little bit lower on the left hand side (my right hand side) of the tarantula


The results:





this is the tricky one, she loves to walking around finding things to bite


Issac sure is brave enough to hold the tarantula like this with his bare hand
these are the two tarantulas with same gene but different in species, you will notice their leg is different in pattern and colour. Brachypelma sp.

the male is making the sperm web so we decided not to disturb this pair of tarantula.


the female is feeding on some crickets.
here come the most active tarantula, is super fast and it likes to jump


the moment before it hop


the Darth Maul?!!




Issac is putting the plastic gloves on because of the hair of these species of tarantula may cause your skin feel itchy.





Issac said he have a few more tarantula which he think is quite dangerous to let me shoot, so well, never mind.

But one thing i sure regret that is i sold my macro lens which it able to perform even better results of photo in sharpness and image quality. I will get it back soon if i manage to earn more money or perhaps, any one will sponsor me? I am looking forward for that yeah~


(ps : please do let me know these tarantula’s scientific name in the comment below so i could update more detailed info about these spidy, thanks).

Andrew & Mandy’s Wedding

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As i had established myself in the field of wedding photography as my career and it never been wonderful enough.


 I had a chance to witness different religious’s wedding ceremony between two family last month, the groom was from a christian family while the bride was from a buddhism family. Although they both had different traditions  style but ‘love’ made them together.



















58  77











166 170















1 2