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Celebrating the Love of Jecht Fong and Alice Ho.

Alice contacted me last year and asked me to meet up. We met at a “Mamak” around Bukit Indah and she told me “i’m getting marry next year, could you be my wedding photographer?”. Without a question i said YES!

She is my cousin, and i am just one day old than her birthday. We attended the same school, and our families runs the same business too! After getting all informations of their wedding day, i came to know that they have two dinner ceremony which held for each of their families and friends(rare case). The first day is on a Saturday night and their wedding day is on a TUESDAY ( yes, this is the first time i ever heard a wedding are held on a Tuesday, so i get shocked by it. ) So, time flies, here are their wedding day stories.

Saturday Night’s dinner, For Alice’s families and friends at Restaurant Pik Wah.

Tuesday night’s dinner,  for Jecht’s Families and friends at Restaurant Hee Lai Ton, Seri Kembangan.

Congrats to both of you !!



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